The Cannon Beach Academy offers a comprehensive education program combining the Core Knowledge Sequence for social studies and science with Direct Instruction for reading, language, and mathematics. The Cannon Beach Academy's curriculum also includes Art, Technology, Music, Spanish language instruction, Health & PE.


Direct instruction

Direct Instruction is a model for teaching that emphasizes well-developed and carefully planned lessons designed around small learning increments and clearly defined and prescribed teaching tasks. Its focus is content and assessment. The children are assessed regularly and the program is tailored to accommodate each child's progression. 

Direct Instruction is proven to be one of the most, if not the most, effective curriculum available. The results of "Project Follow Through", the largest and most expaƒovnsive experiment in education funded by the U.S. government that has ever been conducted, the data showed that Direct Instruction was the most effective curriculum used. Students receiving Direct Instruction did better than those in all other programs when tested in reading, arithmetic, spelling, and language. Direct Instruction improved cognitive skills dramatically relative to the control groups and also showed the highest improvement in self-esteem scores compared to control groups. 

In addition to "Project Follow Through", there are dozens of peer reviewed studies that have been conducted that show use of Direct Instruction curriculum provides superior results in teaching as well as increasing the self esteem of the child. 

We implement Direct Instruction in each of our classes, including  math, reading, writing, and spelling.

core knowledge

The philosophical basis of the curriculum is that students must have a foundation of essential "core" knowledge in order to successfully acquire and apply skills. Knowledge builds on knowledge. Knowledge gained in early years provides the foundation for further learning. 

The Core Knowledge curriculum clarifies what children need to know to progress in school and be effective in society. The Core Knowledge curriculum is engaging, demanding, and builds the confidence that students need for academic mastery. Over 1000 individual schools, and a large number of school districts across the U.S., use the Core Knowledge curriculum. The curriculum has proven highly successful in preparing students with the foundational knowledge they need for high school academics. 
We will implement Core Knowledge in science and social studies.